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The right lenses for you

Speaking to an optician about how you work, rest and play can help you make the best choices for the work you expect your eyes to do. There are a huge variety of specialised lenses available and they’ll be able to help you match your lenses with the unique demands your work and leisure environments places on your eyesight.


DrivingThe RAC recommend having a spare pair of prescription glasses when driving, especially if driving abroad, because of the heavy demands of unfamiliar road assigns and layouts place a heavy demand on your vision. In the UK over 600 motorists have had licenses revoked by traffic police after failing roadside eye tests.

Tips for making driving easier

  • Ensure your lenses are kept clean at all times
  • Consider polarised and reflection-free lenses to reduce glare and distractions
  • Night-time drivers can benefit from Vista-mesh lenses which reduce glare from headlights. Never wear tinted glasses or sunglasses at night
  • Book an annual sight test to check your driving needs

At work

OfficeYour optician can help you best if you know in advance of your sight check-up the range of viewing distances that you use at your desk. How far away from the screen do you normally sit? If you are holding objects in your hand that need to be processed, at what distance do you hold them? Helen Tilley, optometrist at Monnow says “ Lots of people struggle to cope by moving their body or head position to fit their screens, which can make us feel tired and give us headaches or backache because we’re at work for long periods of time. Ideally your lenses should allow you to sit comfortably and be able to focus quickly at the required viewing distances for digital devices. A chat with us about your working environment can make a big difference as we can match your needs with the right glasses and lenses”.

Leisure and Sport

CyclingThe sports activities you do will have an influence on choosing the bright lenses for you. If you wear a helmet, for example in cycling, take this to your optician when you have your review. Cyclists need UV protection and effective wind protection to be comfortable. Polarising lenses will also help with frequent changes between light and shadows.

It’s easy to book an eye check-up with Helen or with another member of our team, who will all be able to help match the right lenses to your lifestyle. Simply pop into the practice on Cinderhill Street or call us on 01600 715299.

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