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Great reasons to wear your sunglasses

Summer is coming! If you’re thinking about buying new sunglasses why not visit your optician for some expert advice and up to date styles?

It’s especially important for people who work out of doors or for children playing outdoors for longer periods of time to have good UV eye protection.

Helen Tilley of Monnow Eyecare shares her advice for ensuring you buy good quality glasses. “Always look for a CE mark – this means that the glasses provide the good Ultra Violet protection you need to avoid eye damage from strong sunlight. Poor quality sunglasses could just be tinted lenses and this can increase eye damage as the pupils in your eyes will dilate (get larger) to allow more light to enter the eye”.

Emily, Roberta and Katy, the dispensing opticians at Monnow share some good reasons for wearing sunglasses:

  • If you suffer from hay fever, wearing sunglasses helps protect your eyes from dust and pollen. If you wear contact lenses, you may be more comfortable gardening in sunglasses than lenses because grass particles and pollen can become stuck behind the lenses.
  • On holiday, be aware of surfaces that reflect a lot of UV radiation back at you. Sandy beaches reflect between 10 and 25%, pavements around 25% and water or snow a massive 80%.
  • Choose wrap around styles or frames with wide arms for maximum protection - these reduce UV rays reaching your eyes from the sides.
  • Bright sunlight and glare can trigger migraines, so wearing your shades reduces the chances of getting a headache.
  • Help stay focussed on the road ahead whilst you are driving – wearing the right sunglasses can cut out any distracting glare.
All three dispensers are happy to help you choose from the extensive range of fashionable sunglasses, including stylish Ray Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim that are in stock at the practice on Cinderhill Street, Monmouth. They will offer advice about the type of lenses and colours that suit you and they’ll help you choose the right style and shape for you. Whether you enjoy sports activities, driving or just lazing by the pool, there will be a perfect pair of shades for you this summer!

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