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Contact lenses provide freedom from needing reading glasses

Most people in their forties start to experience trouble reading small print or seeing our computer and smartphone screens clearly. Optometrists call this condition presbyopia. It’s something that we can’t escape, even if we’ve never had a vision problem before. It’s caused by the gradual loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside each eye, which increases as we get a little bit older. Even people who are near-sighted will start to notice blurring with their usual prescription glasses or lenses to correct distance vision.
Helen Tilley of Monnow Eyecare recommends that people should talk to their optician about the new options available to compensate for this ageing effect in their vision. “In the past”, says Helen, “most people opted for either using a pair of reading glasses or they had bifocal glasses, where the lower half of the lens is adapted for reading and close work. Today, with the new advances in contact lens technology, there are a choice of multifocal contact lenses on the market. Some people find it difficult to adapt to using bifocal glasses and some just don’t like the idea of needing glasses at all! Having contact lenses as an alternative option is preferable for some people to fit in with their chosen lifestyles”.
The new varifocal contact lenses work by giving you optimum vision for both distance vision and near vision in one. This means there is no need to have the hassle of swapping between different pairs of glasses or having to look up or down through distinct parts of your bifocal or varifocal glasses. The contact lenses have near, intermediate and distance correcting areas in front of the pupil of the eye, so your eyes automatically select the optimum range you need to focus on the object you are looking at. It’s even possible to choose between varifocal lenses that are either gas permeable or soft lenses. Just as with glasses, the prescription contact lenses can be adapted to each eye to provide the wearer with sharp vision whatever task you are doing day to day.
The good news is that almost everyone can wear contact lenses successfully. At Monnow Eyecare we take the time to make sure you get the right type of contact lens that exactly suits your needs and help you get used to wearing and looking after your lenses. Monnow team members Helen, Barbara, Mike, Ceri, Lisa and Darran are all qualified optometrists who will make sure you get the best advice about wearing contact lenses. Joining out Eyeplan scheme will also significantly reduce the cost of the lenses and the solutions required to look after them.

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