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Peak protection this winter

Sunglasses are a must if you are jetting off to the ski slopes this winter because many more damaging UV rays can reach our eyes from reflected light. In fact, you are more likely to injure your eyes on a ski-ing holiday than injure your arms or legs.

If you normally wear prescription glasses your optician can help you choose prescription sunglasses that offer the strong UV ray protection you need, as well as advise about the colours and styles that will suit your face. Helen Tilley, optometrist at Monnow Eyecare advises people to check for CE marked glasses, which offer the right level of UVA and UVB protection. She says “As well as UV protection, if you are ski-ing you’ll also need robust sunglasses or goggles that are made of materials that are specially designed to withstand cold temperatures and resist breaking or shattering if you have an accident. I highly recommend the new modern polycarbonate lenses which are lightweight, practical and comfortable to wear”.

It’s also important to consider which sports you are likely to take part in. If you are ski-ing good peripheral vision is important. - ideally you should be able to see 180 degrees. Look for wrap- around sunglasses which can give distortion-free vision.  Some glasses come with side shields which offer more comfort by ensuring wind and snow are kept away from the eye area.

There are often a range of colours for winter sun. Choosing yellow-orange or rose lenses, which are ‘blue-blockers’, will give you more contrast to improve your vision, whilst cutting out glare from the sun. Polarised lenses also filter out glare and reflected light.

Monnow Eyecare offer a wide range of sunglasses brands, including Oakley, Ray Ban and Maui Jim so even the most fashion conscious will look great on the sloped this winter. Our experienced dispenser, Emily, will offer help and advice on which styles suit your face shape, which colours match your skin colouring and check that the glasses are suitable for your favourite holiday sporting activities. We also give you a free lens cloth, spray cleaner and a hard, protective case with every pair of sunglasses sold to help you look after your glasses.

If you do go outside on the slopes without your sunglasses and you suffer from snow blindness your eyes will probably be red, itchy and sensitive to light. It’s best to stay indoors and rest your eyes but if the symptoms persist you should see an optometrist as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about sunglasses or prescription sunglasses just call in and speak to our friendly dispensers.  If you are overdue for a sight test for prescription sunglasses, please call into the practice, ring us on 01600 715 299 or book an appointment online here

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