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More than just ‘sight tests’

Monnow Eyecare | More than just ‘sight tests’

Eyesight is precious. Good vision is something that most of us take for granted but, just as we all appreciate a regular MOT to make sure your car is roadworthy and safe, it’s good to know that your eyes are healthy by having a regular check.

Here at Monnow Eyecare we do more than just ‘sight tests’ -  we use a wide range of tests and we’ll take a little longer than you would expect if you’ve had your eyes tested elsewhere in the past. We aim to deliver the gold standard when it comes to the best quality eye care and we use the latest equipment. Visual field tests are carried out to check for glaucoma and we check for colour vision deficiencies and dry eyes.

There is an option to have a 3D, state of the art image test with an OCT scanner, which takes high resolution photos of your retina (the light sensitive layer at the back of the eye). These are kept with your clinical records so people who are at risk of developing an eye condition can be carefully monitored at each visit. Helen Tilley, Optometrist at Monnow says "Our new OCT scanner, which is the most advanced equipment available to hospitals and opticians, gives us superb quality images. These images and other information from our routine tests allow us to build up a very comprehensive picture of your eyes at every check-up. In the unlikely event that anything abnormal is detected we pick this up at the earliest opportunity so any necessary hospital referrals or treatments are done as quickly as possible."

For some customers who need a scan of their eye blood vessels (angiography) the new OCT scanner produces such high-quality information about the layers of blood vessels and capillaries in the eye that they no longer need to make a hospital appointment to get this checked. The hospital procedure is a more invasive and unpleasant test involving injection of the dye fluorescein.

 If all this technology sounds a little scary, you’ve no need to worry. Our customers tell us through our regular surveys that they are made to feel very welcome by the friendly staff. We’ll take the time to ask questions, understand your needs in detail and to explain why we recommend taking each test. In our latest online survey every customer agreed that their optometrist had fully explained every examination and their test results and 98% agreed they were friendly and approachable. All our customers rated our practice as modern and easy to access, and you can even get a cup of tea of coffee in the reception area.

To experience the Monnow Eyecare difference for yourself simply make an appointment for your eye test with us. You can drop into our practice on Cinderhill Street in Monmouth, phone us on 01600 715 299 or book online here.  We look forward to welcoming you.

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