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Fast, professional emergency care when you need it

Sudden change in your eyes or your visions can be scary. You may wake up one morning experiencing red or watery eyes, or you might notice a peculiar flash or a shape floating across your vision. Sometimes an accident can cause a change in vision, for example if you are hit by a ball playing sport or you scratch the eye surface when trimming back your hedge. If that happens to you or to someone you know, it’s possible to get a free emergency check-up appointment at Monnow Eyecare from a fully trained professional, and most people get an appointment the same day.

Helen Tilley, optometrist at Monnow, explains “An emergency appointment usually lasts 40 minutes, so the cause of the problem can be fully investigated, and we advise you about a management plan. In some cases, we give you eyedrops that make your pupil bigger or we might refer you immediately to a hospital. That’s why we usually ask you not drive yourself to the appointment and have someone accompany you.”

For most people, the appointment means that their symptoms are checked out during a though examination and they are given advice or treatment to ease the symptoms immediately. They can then leave the practice with real peace of mind, knowing that there is nothing more to worry about. Because some of these symptoms may indicate something more serious that could affect your vision permanently, having quick and easy access to an expert means that, if you need a referral to a hospital, you’ll get fast tracked in the unlikely event you need it.

The team at Monnow Eyecare take their training very seriously. Helen says “We aim to provide the best care we can for all our customers, whether this is for a routine eye check, a contact lens consultation or an emergency appointment. We encourage every member of staff to take part in professional development and pursue their own specialist interests.  We are delighted for Emily, who has qualified as a Dispensing Optician after 3 years of part time study alongside her work at the practice. We’re also proud of Barbara, who continues to combine practice commitments with work at Cardiff University and has been appointed to a prestigious Professorship responsible for Postgraduate Teaching Programmes in the School of Optometry.”  Barbara, who qualified 25 years ago, now has a PhD and has had her work published in international journals on sight loss. She was the founding clinical lead for the community based Low Vision Service Wales.

We hope you won’t ever need to use our emergency service, but it’s reassuring to know that our friendly professionals are there to help if you do. Simply call us on 01600 715 299 if it’s an emergency or you can find out more information on our website .

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