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What to do in an Eye Emergency

Monnow Eyecare | What to do in an emergency

If you or someone you know has injured their eye or experiences a sudden change in their sight, it’s important to get help from an experienced optometrist immediately. There could be a critical moment which will have an impact on whether that person will be able to see when they get older. If you live in Wales or have your GP in Wales, you can get a free emergency appointment by contacting Monnow Eyecare. We’ll talk to you about the situation to determine the best course of action and ensure prompt treatment. There is no need to go to casualty or get a GP appointment.

What should I look out for?

Signs of an eye emergency are varied and are not always visible. You may experience one or several of these signs at the same time.  Look out for:

  • A sudden loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Circles of colour around lights (halos)
  • Sudden change in vision that causes persistent blurring
  • A bulging eye
  • Lacerations or cuts on or around the eye
  • Trauma to the eye from sports, an injury, or an accident
  • A foreign piece of metal or glass in the eye
  • A sudden change that causes an eye to be turned or crossed
  • Chemical exposure that causes pain, burning, or discomfort
  • Eye redness combined with eye pain
  • Pain in the eye or the surrounding areas
  • Swollen eye tissue
  • Streaks or flashes of light
  • Excessive tearing or discharge
  • Discharge that causes the eyelids to stick together
  • Contact lenses that are stuck to the eye

What happens in an emergency appointment?

The optometrists at Monnow Eyecare will examine the patient and usually treat the condition immediately at the practice on Cinderhill Street, Monmouth. Occasionally we will triage the patient and send them to the most appropriate healthcare professional. Some of our optometrists can issue NHS prescriptions for treatment of eye conditions.

Be prepared

Accidents and emergencies can happen any time in the home, at work or just when you are out and about. Why not add our practice phone number - 01600 7150299 - to your mobile phone address list so that it’s easier to call us if you experience an eye emergency? We keep diary slots free each day so emergencies can always be seen as soon as possible. Appointments can also be booked online here, or call into the practice in person.

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