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Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to be spending more of our leisure time outdoors, enjoying the spring sunshine. Although most of us love being in the sun, we need to remember that its ultra violet (UV) rays can cause damage to our skin and to our eyesight if we don’t protect ourselves. 
Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause increased macular degeneration and an increased risk of developing cataracts, however wearing suitable sunglasses provides all the protection you need to look after your eyesight.  Helen Tilley, optometrist at Monnow Eyecare says “As so many of us have been shut off in our homes for so long, it’s only right that we should be enjoying as much time outside as possible, especially as the weather improves. In the UK macular degeneration is the leading cause of sight loss so we all need to remember to wear our sunglasses to reduce the risk from UV light, which causes damage even on cloudy summer days”.
At Monnow Eyecare, we will help you find stylish sunglasses that can be fitted with your normal glasses prescription, so you benefit from better sight and better UV protection whenever you go outdoors. All of our sunglasses can also be fitted with a quality polarization filter that can block out nearly 100% of glare, which make you feel much more comfortable, for example if we have to drive in bright sunlight. One of our most popular range of sunglasses, Maui Jim, have developed a patented colour enhancing technology that enhances natural light instead of dimming it. This means the wearer sees with exceptional colour and clarity whilst still protecting your eyes from 99.9% of glare and blocking al of the of harmful UV light. Helen says, “once people make the change to Maui Jim glasses, they love them so much that they never want to buy another brand!”. 
At Monnow Eyecare, our experienced dispensers only sell sunglasses that will help you see in comfort, look great and provide you with all the protection you need to enjoy as much time outdoors as possible. We are fully compliant with all COVID 19 safety measures, all our staff are equipped with PPE and strict measures have been introduced to guarantee a safe environment in the practice. We are still providing eye tests to those who need access to eyecare, but just ask that make an appointment for your visit by calling our friendly receptionists on 01600 715299 .

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