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Customer Testimonials

"I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the most excellent treatment that I have received from everyone I have met at Monnow Eyecare. As a new customer when I came to you I received first class care and advice before and after my cataract surgery.
A small problem with my new spectacles was rectified promptly and smoothly with the utmost courtesy and friendliness, causing no embarrassment I would be only too willing to recommend your splendid service to anyone. Many thanks"
J Hyndman

"I was really impressed with the time that was taken and also the way in which my optometrist explained every procedure to me - I really felt like a valued customer and felt like I could ask any questions…….I left feeling very reassured and comforted. Thank You Monnow Eye Care, I will definitely be coming back"
Mrs T Morgan

“Having had a great experience at Monnow Eyecare myself, I encouraged my wife to have her eyes examined as she was having severe headaches despite having been examined by one of the national chains only 6 months earlier. Helen and her team did a great job, sorted out some frames and lenses and Gill is now enjoying improved vision and no headaches! The extra time and effort Monnow Eyecare put into their examinations really does make a difference and we would recommend them to anyone.”
Chris Hutchinson

"After years of using horrible clip-on sunglasses, or worse still, balancing actual sunglasses over my prescription reading glasses, I finally took the decision to splash out on a pair of prescription sunglasses from Monnow Eyecare. I haven't regretted that decision once. Life has become so much easier in the sunshine! Reading for pleasure in the sun is now exactly that - a pleasure! No more balancing, moving into the shade, or switching specs, just the one pair. Navigating in the car is also easier, not having to rummage in the glove compartment for reading glasses to exchange for the sunglasses. Brilliant decision, I'd recommend them to anyone!"
R Hallett

"I have never owned prescription sunglasses before, but after just a few days of wearing my new glasses whilst driving in the glaring sun I would not go back! They weren't sold as sunglasses but with the brown frame and turquoise sides they really suit the tinted lenses and I would recommend them to anybody."
S Delbridge

Comments about the refurbished practice:

Inviting, décor tasteful, very nice. 
Mr and Mrs Knibbs

Loved the new look.
Mr and Mrs Sweeting

Very smart. Love the curved wall.
Mr Hallett

Modern but restful.
Mrs Amos

Practice hours

Monday to Friday: 8.50am - 5.30pm
Saturdays: 8.50am - 1.00pm


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